Anna Richardson and Louise RedKnapp, presenting How Not To Get Old, Channel 4

As seen on How Not To Get Old: Obagi and Pelleve

We were excited to see Obagi skincare products and the Pelleve facial treatment – both available at the South Face Skin Clinic – appearing in the most recent episode of the Channel 4 series How Not To Get Old.

Presented by Anna Richardson and Louise Redknapp (above), both Obagi and Pelleve were favourably featured.

The Obagi range offers daily skincare solutions for achieving and maintaining healthy-looking skin for all ages and complexion types …

Obagi skincare products

The Pelleve treatment, meanwhile, is another of our favourites in the clinic.

This hour-long treatment targets collagen and elastin, gradually boosting the skin’s own collagen and resulting in an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin.

It feels like a warm facial and leaves you glowing!


We offer the Pelleve treatment at the South Face Skin Clinic, and we both sell and use Obagi products in our treatments.

Get in touch to book a consultation to find out which of these much talked about treatments would be right for your skincare needs and concerns.