Have you had your moles checked?

South Face Skin Bournemouth Mole Checks Page

At Southface Skin Clinic, the whole body is screened, by a Dermatologist for signs of sun damage, precancer and skin cancer. Dr Helen Robertshaw is a Skin Cancer Clinician for Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals and performs advanced surgery for skin cancer, known as Mohs surgery.

We identify your risks and educate you on how to look after your skin and what signs to look out for in the future. Treatment with cryotherapy is available for some benign lesions and if a mole or lesion does need to be removed that can be undertaken by experienced dermatological surgeons.

Your appointment options are as follows:

Mole Check

  • Express 5 minute mole check: £85
  • Full body mole screening: £240
  • Full body mole mapping and digital dermoscopy: £270
  • Follow up mole mapping and sequential dermoscopy: £200

Contact us to book a consultation and full body screening