Botox – is it for you?

So, you are considering Botox. Here in a series of blogs, we will discuss the treatment and hopefully answer any questions or concerns you may have. At Southface Skin Clinic, you can be reassured that we are specialists in this area of treatment and that you are in safe hands.botox bournemouth, botox treatment



What is ‘Botox’?

Botox is the trade name for one brand of purified Botulinum toxin A. This is a prescription only medicine which is used in our clinic for wrinkle treatment and also treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Then small diluted amounts of the toxin are injected into specific muscles causing controlled weakening of the muscles.This makes the skin look smoother and reduces signs of ageing. The effects last from three-to-four months, in most cases.

Botulinum toxin treatment is safe and is used in the NHS for many other conditions including migraine, overactive bladder, squint, muscle spasms and eye twitching.

In the cosmetic setting, it is most often used on forehead lines, these are the crow’s feet and frown lines. You will find that wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity will not respond to botulinum toxin.

Who should not have Botox?

Patients who are pregnant, taking some muscle relaxants or antibodies, or have a neuromuscular disorder should not use Botox for cosmetic purposes.

Will I look ‘frozen’?

Our philosophy at the clinic is too make people look good for their age, rather than artificial or ‘frozen’. By using small amounts of botulinum toxin is an expert way, we believe we can give a natural, refreshed look.

Have you considered ‘Botox’? Is it something that you are thinking about? What are your thoughts?

We’d like to invite you to come in and see us for more information – 01202 702827

Next time we will look at other aspects of Botox treatment. Keep watching for further posts.

Dr Helen Robertshaw

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